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In 1968, Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack took an old, abandoned building, retrofitted it lavishly, and turned it into a private nightclub called “The Factory”. Men wore tuxes, women dressed to the nines, and it was the spot to be. Hopefully, you’ll find we’re following in their footsteps. We aspired to create an atmosphere of elegance where once again men can be gentlemen and women are looked upon as beauty that is to be appreciated and respected. We hope you enjoy your stay at The Factory and we hope to see you again soon.

-The Factory Family

Bring your own bottle to the hottest gentlemen's club in Chicago! From the minute you pull up to the one-of-a-kind, Vegas-style water, fire and light sculpture that dominates the entrance, to the moment you enter and your eyes are drawn to the dancing flames in the outdoor Jacuzzi/fire garden, you think you’re someplace special. Then you turn a corner and discover the Show Shower Suites formed from huge sheets of glass and slabs of million year old petrified roots, and you realize you’re someplace magnificent. Then, as you watch some of the most beautiful entertainers in the world parade across stage, you know you found your new home for the finest adult entertainment.